Lord knows I'm a huge fan of red velvet cake (and all things red-velvety!) so when I heard OREO was really making a red velvet version of America's Favorite Cookie, I was beyond excited!

Luckily, I got my hands on a sample before they hit stores to review them for you!

SPOILER ALERT: I love them.

The OREO PR team sent them over in a fancy red velvet bag, which is TOTALLY how they should sell them in the stores!!

What I really like about them is that a lot of time red velvet-flavored treats are overly sweet, but just like traditional OREOs, these are sweet without being overpowering.

The creme filling has just a hint of that yummy cream cheese frosting flavor that red velvet cake is famous for. They also seem to have a TON of creme filling, almost like a Double Stuf!

The cookies aren't bright red like I figured they would be, but instead look more brownish-red like traditional no-food-coloring red velvet cakes.

All in all, they are exactly what I hoped they would be. Which is dangerous. If it sounds like I'm talking with my mouth full on the air, well...don't judge me.

If you can't wait until they hit stores next month to try them, you can enter to win a free sample from OREO! Visit OREOredvelvetrope.com before midnight tomorrow, and you could win a pack!

If you're a red velvet fan, I'd recommend em! Can't wait for you to try them and let me know what you think!