Brownie Batter OREO Cookies [REVIEW]
As the Point's resident foodie, I'm all about reviewing new restaurants and products in the quest for all things tasty.
I'm also fairly confident that I'm going to turn into an OREO cookie. And I'm TOTALLY cool with it.
OREO Thins Review
The fab folks at OREO are really trying to keep up the creativity, launching ANOTHER new version of America's Favorite Cookie. Meet the OREO Thins.
S’mores OREO Cookies [REVIEW]
In case you missed the news, OREO announced a new, limited edition S'mores flavor, set to hit stores this Friday, just in time for summer.
I was able to score a package early to review for you!
Red Velvet Oreos Review [VIDEO]
Lord knows I'm a huge fan of red velvet cake (and all things red-velvety!) so when I heard OREO was really making a red velvet version of America's Favorite Cookie, I was beyond excited!
Luckily, I got my hands on a sample before they hit stores to review them for you!