Who knew a simple cookie could stir up so much controversy.

So what has everyone so up in arms?

Oreo's Facebook page featured this picture on June 25, with the caption "Proudly support love!"

It coincided with several gay pride events going on across the country.

The picture drew more than 35,000 comments on Oreo's Facebook page, ranging from people angrily saying they planned to boycott Oreo cookies completely because of their support of homosexuality to people praising Oreo and its parent company, Kraft Foods, for their statement.

My personal favorite was the people who were furious at Kraft for trying to shove artificial colors and dyes down their families throats. (It clearly says on the photo that the cookies was made with creme colors that don't actually exist, and Kraft never once said it planned to actually sell this cookie.)

Regardless of my personal beliefs (love thy neighbor, folks, ALL of them), it seems absurd to me that people are getting so fired up and angry over a COOKIE. It's not even a real cookie! It's photoshopped!

I know it's a debate that gets both sides fired up, and I'm all for arguing passionately, I just wonder when people will start listening to each other rather than screaming at each other.

Whether you love or hate this cookie...use it as a starting point to talk to people with different opinions than you in a positive way. It's okay for people to agree to disagree.

Just take a minute to hear out everyone's side and understand the differences in beliefs. Isn't that the point of embracing the rainbow?

What do you think of the 'rainbow Oreo'? Share your (polite) comments below!