When I hit the grocery store earlier this week, I came upon a little box that I now consider an essential part of storm prep: Cinnamon Bun Oreos are here.

Back in September, the company confirmed that they were happening, but at this point I had all but lost hope!

The wait is now over, as they hit shelves nationwide on Tuesday. I happened to snag the last box at my local Shoprite on Wednesday night, but I expect them to be fairly easy to find.

They are an awesome combo of cinnamon-flavored cookie and cinnamon bun/frosting flavored creme.

The creme has just enough cinnamon to make it taste different than the regular Oreo creme, and yet still has a yummy frosting consistency to it. There's also a good amount of the creme, almost on par with a Double Stuf.

If you liked Dunkaroos back in the 90s, you'll probably dig these. It's got the same cinnamon graham/vanilla frosting feel...minus the sprinkles.

Of the other people I shared them with, most people liked them, and noted that it was just a nice hint of cinnamon. One person said they made him just want to sit and dunk them into a cup of coffee (totally agree!), and someone else suggested they'd probably be really good warmed up. (I don't know that I've ever had a warm Oreo, but I'd try it.)

The only person who wasn't really into them was Duzzy, who admitted that he's really just not into the flavored Oreos and would just prefer the regular.

The suggested retail price is $4.49, though I found mine on sale 2/$5.