OREO is clearly trying to sabotage all of our diets with their constant onslaught of interesting new flavors...and this new one could be a game changer!

We're talking Cinnamon Bun OREO cookies, and an OREO spokesperson confirms to me that they are real!


A lot of times, new and/or limited edition OREO flavors are the standard vanilla or chocolate cookies with new flavored creme.

This time around, there's a whole new cookie happening, and it's cinnamon flavored. Between the two cookies will be a glorious-sounding cinnamon bun-flavored creme. (And word on the Internet streets is that this is a standard size package, meaning it's NOT a limited edition item!)

First things first, if you don't love cinnamon buns, you're crazy, and we can't be friends.

When you think of the contrast of warm, carby, cinnamon-y deliciousness covered in sweet, gooey frosting...it seems like it would lend itself really well to a cookie version (unlike some OTHER disasters.)

Honestly, I hope they are disgusting, because otherwise my clothes will no longer fit after I eat my body weight in these cookies.

The Impulsive Buy reports they could hit store shelves as soon as next month. I will certainly keep my eyes peeled, and bring you a review as soon as I can!