When it comes to Oreo cookies, things are no longer black in white...at any given point in the year, you can find them in just about every color imaginable...with more and more flavor varieties all the time.

Since calories don't count on snow days, (you're welcome) I decided it would be a perfect day to try out the newest versions.

The latest creations from the land of Oreo? Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy flavors.

Laurie Cataldo

The Cookie Dough Oreo has the standard chocolate cookie with a cookie dough flavored creme center -- made with chocolatey chips, you guys! I won't lie, I was pretty pumped about these. I love cookie dough, like any sane human being, and Oreos taste like childhood, so they must be fabulous, right?

Sadly, no. First, let's address the 'chocolatey chips.' If you see the word 'chocolatey,' consider it a big red flag, because that basically means there isn't very much actual chocolate involved. It's a whole legal FDA thing...read about it HERE.

Onward. We all know what chocolate cookies and its dough should taste like. This cookie dough flavored creme is pretty far off base. It almost tastes like an overly sweetened coffee flavor, but it's missing the creaminess and balance that we all love about chocolate chip cookies.

I wouldn't buy these again. Bummer.

Laurie Cataldo

Next up was the Marshmallow Crispy Oreo, which tries to echo the taste of our favorite sticky cereal based treat. This variety is on a vanilla sandwich cookie, with bits of Rice Krispies crisped rice within the marshmallow flavored creme.

The creme flavor on this cookie is spot on...it tastes exactly like a 'marshmallow crispy.'

The cookie was a little too sweet for my taste, but if you love Rice Krispies Treats, you're gonna be really into these cookies. The little bit of extra crunch is a nice change.

I probably wouldn't buy these for myself because they are just way too sweet, but anyone with a big sweet tooth would be all over them!

So there you have it. Hopefully I saved you the $4 you might have spent trying these out!

Do you like flavored Oreo cookies or are you a traditionalist? Tell us in the comment section below!