Quite like pumpkin spice, red velvet is one of those 'flavors' that has taken over every possible food item...and never really winds up being very good.

But Red Velvet Oreos? Sign. Me. Up.

UPDATE (1/20/15): They do exist, and will hit stores in February! See our updated story HERE and check out my review!

There's a picture of them making the rounds on social media...but unfortunately, there's nothing else to be found on the subject.


Considering the flavors that Oreo has released in the past, (Remember candy corn? Cookie dough?) red velvet doesn't seem all that strange. In fact, it seems like it'd be a home run.

So, is it real, or just a mean Photoshopped hoax? (If Jimmy Kimmel is behind this, I'm gonna be so maaaaad!)

Maybe they will be released for the holidays? Or Valentine's Day?

In the interest of hard-hitting journalism, I've reached out to the folks at Oreo on Twitter, and put in a call to their parent company Mondelez International, but have yet to hear back either way.

I'm also quite curious as to whose thumb is in that picture. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW?

The search for answers continues...I'll keep you posted!