Oh, Oreo...you've done it to me again.

There's something about seeing the words 'Limited Edition' that makes me need to try them.

The newest flavors?

Creamsicle and candy corn.

Now, you may remember when I discussed the birthday cake Oreo cookies, that Oreos are more than the black-and-white gems you remember. There are all kinds of crazy varieties now (dulce de leche, anyone?) for you to try.

These two aren't exactly something I was eager to try.

I'm not much of a creamsicle fan, and candy corn? I know, it's a love it or hate it thing...and I'm with the latter half.

However, there was an open bag of creamsicle Oreos in our kitchen here at the studios today, so IN THE NAME OF RESEARCH, I tried one.

It was pretty good. Better than I want them to be because I'm so anti-creamsicle. I might have actually eaten two. (Shh...our little secret.)

Creamsicle Oreos are golden (vanilla) cookies with orange and vanilla cream.

I like the vanilla cookies. It's odd how they taste so much like regular Oreos one minute and like buttery shortbreads the next. (Mmmm chemicals...you work your magic! Though maybe it's just a combination of the texture and my insanity.)

Depending on the cookie you get, you'll find a different ratio of vanilla-to-orange cream. I tend to like the ones with more vanilla and a hint of orange. It brings an interesting edge to a plain vanilla cookie.

As for the candy corn Oreos, sold only at Target stores, I don't think I can bring myself to try them.

Every year I try candy corn, thinking maybe my palate has changed and I'll see what everyone has been raving about for years. Every year I think it's gross.

But who are we kidding, I'm probably going to try them, you know, in the spirit of Halloween!

If I do, you'll be the first to know.

What's your favorite cookie?