The fab folks at OREO are really trying to keep up the creativity, launching ANOTHER new version of America's Favorite Cookie. Meet the OREO Thins.

According to a press release, OREO Thins are for "adults looking for a more grown up take on their favorite childhood cookie."

It's the same sandwich cookie you know, just flattened down into a crispier, much more delicate cookie.

Bougie OREOs. They are expected to be a permanent addition to the OREO lineup, and are currently available in three flavors: Original, Golden, and Mint. The suggested retail price is $4.59, with about 40 cookies in each package. They hit stores nationwide on Monday, July 13.

New OREO Thins hit shelves on July 13. (Laurie Cataldo)

So here's the deal. They taste exactly like regular OREOs, and the cream-to-cookie ratio seems to be the same, it's all just a lot thinner. The cookies are definitely crispy, so if that's what you love in cookies, these will be right up your alley.

I don't know if it's the way they are packaged, or just the delicate nature of the cookies, but it did seem that a good amount of the OREO Thins were broken when I opened them. These are also not meant to be twisted open and dunked.

These are not necessarily "diet" cookies either. A serving of OREO Thins is 4 cookies for 140 calories. A serving of regular OREOs is 3 cookies for 160 calories.

I think these would be perfect for cookies and cream recipes, as a lot of times the regular cookies wind up getting soggy, but these seem like they would hold up better.

For regular cookie-eating purposes though, I'll be sticking to the original version. I don't want adult cookies. The best part about eating cookies is that they make you feel like a kid. (And the best part of OREOs is twisting them open, and licking the cream filling inside!)

If for some reason, you desire a fancy cookie --and you hate Milanos-- you'll be all over these.