After 9 long months of very hard work by dedicated folks at the Jersey Shore, the rides returned to Casino Pier in Seaside Heights this weekend! Wacky Rooftop Golf, the carousel and arcade are also open. Plus, don't forget about Breakwater Beach water park. In order to Restore The Shore, we need to go back over the bridge and visit Seaside Heights. There's plenty of summer left!

It's hard the imagine how we went from this...

Casino Pier after Sandy (Casino Pier Facebook)

To this...

Casino Pier re-opening May 24th, 2013
loading... just about 7 months. If this doesn't define "Jersey Strong," I don't know what does.

Day by day, more rides will be opening, but the majority already made their debut this weekend. Here's a rundown of what's in operation.



Disk-O (Casino Pier Facebook)

Riders are seated on a giant circular disc facing outwards and experience dizzying thrills as the disc spins around while swinging back and forth on a giant half-pipe track. The greatest thrills come at the top of the track, where riders experience a whipping sensation as spectacular views of the beach, pier, and ocean whizz by.


Speedway (Casino Pier Facebook)

The Speedway offers NASCAR themed race cars which children can ride and have their parent’s join in.  Race towards the finish line down the straight-away then enjoy the sensation of a whip while drifting around the fast sharp turns.


Pirates Hideaway (Casino Pier Facebook)

Enjoy this family fun, pirate-themed roller coaster. This ride has a unique spiral-lift before dropping you into the Pirate Adventure of dips, turns, and drops. Afterwards, be sure to visit the Photo Cove to view a stunning photo of your adventure.

38” Minimum Height for All Riders
38” to 48” Must Be Accompanied By a Paying Adult

Fun Facts:

The Pirate’s Hideaway made its debut in 2007, although the ride is new it was modeled after its predecessor, the Wizards Cavern. Prior to the Wizards Cavern theme, the ride was known as the Love Bugs, which moved to Casino Pier from the famous Palisade’s Park.


Dizzy Dragons (Casino Pier Facebook)

One ride on here and you too will feel like a dizzy dragon. This family ride features 6 giant dragons, climb inside and hold on tight as the entire platform rotates. Riders have the additional option to manually spin their individual car using the center table grip – usually to the children’s delight and the parent’s dizzy fright.

42” Minimum Height Unless with a Paying Responsible Rider


Combo Cars (Casino Pier Facebook)

A classic umbrella-top amusement park ride that offers a variety of cars and trucks for children to choose. This is the perfect ride for small children who are novice riders, the cars smoothly drive around the circular track.

30” Minimum Height All Riders
48” Maximum Height All Riders


Motorcycles (Casino Pier Facebook)

A classic umbrella-top amusement park ride that children absolutely love riding. I remember riding these motorcycles clear as day when I was a kid! Offering a variety of different color motorcycles to choose from, children eagerly climb onto their chopper. The ride is much more exciting than just driving in a circle, children delight in popping wheelies and unleashing their inner dare devil when they jump off a ramp then safely land on the other side!

36″ Minimum Height All Riders
54” Maximum Height All Riders


Boats (Casino Pier Facebook)

Put on your captain’s hat, pull up anchor, and steer your boat through the calm waters of this ride. This ride is extremely popular with children who enjoy steering their wheels and ringing their bells. This classic ride offers a great photo opportunity as parents reminisce about riding the boats when they were children.

36” Minimum Height All Riders
54” Maximum Height All Riders

CAROUSEL (off the pier)

Casino Pier Carousel (Casino Pier Facebook)

 GO CARTS (off the pier) 

Casino Pier Go Carts (Casino Pier Facebook)

Located on the Corner of Grant Ave and Ocean Terrace. Bring the family for some racing action! Navigate the turns, climb over the bridge and cruise through the tunnel. Cars are available in children’s size, adult size and two-seats for the young race car driver to be!

In order to best accommodate you and your group at the Go-Karts we offer the following karts and restrictions:

Single Car: 54” minimum height for all drivers.

Double Car: 54” minimum height for the driver. 36” minimum height to 48” maximum height to be a passenger (passenger tickets are discounted).

Single “Junior” Car: 48” minimum height to 54” maximum height (this car is sized for younger guests and operates on the same track during the same race as all other cars).


Wacky Rooftop Golf (Casino Pier Facebook)

"Gomer The Golfer" survived the storm and he keeps a watchful eye over Casino Pier. Play a round of rooftop mini golf!


Monday thru Friday, pier rides open at 3pm.

Saturday & Sunday, pier rides open at 12 noon

Wristband Day is Wednesday from 3pm till closing. $15 pay one price admission is featured.

Welcome back Casino Pier!

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