I LOVE what I do. On normal work days my schedule is pretty simple. I wake up, workout, have lunch, have meetings and then I usually sit on my computer and write radio material before bringing you my night show, Nights with Jimmy G (Weekdays 8-Midnight). I enjoy sticking to my schedule but sometimes, especially during storm season, Jersey waves are too good to pass up. The recent off shore hurricane Teddy brought big surf and even though it threw a wrench into my daily work schedule, it was well worth paddling out.

Offshore hurricane Teddy was producing 4-8 ft. waves and the conditions around the Jersey Shore were clean, thanks to a steady west wind. (It is important to note, days like this are dangerous and rip currents can put you in life or death situations.) When the swell is big and the winds are blowing west, New Jersey can be home to some of the nicest waves on the east coast.

Knowing there was a storm far off the coast, I made sure to stay up to date with Surf Captain, a surfing website that gives you a daily forecast for your favorite surfing spot. More importantly, I have been going to Belmar Beach since I was in diapers so checking the LIVE beach camera on Eastern Lines' website always gives you a good perspective. On that particular day I was bodyboarding and I was able to catch a couple big ones! Many local surfers/ bodyboarders were in the water including one guy from California. He told me he spends a ton of time in New Jersey during September & October just to ride hurricane waves. Also, Thanks to the Swell Report for snagging some sweet action shots of me!

In conclusion, it's safe to say being in the ocean is a true hobby of mine. Catching waves and hosting a radio show at the Jersey Shore, seriously what is better than that?!?! However, we all have different hobbies and things we do outside of work. It is so important that we do the things we love!! Make each day count no matter what is thrown your way.

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