You are going to want to throw away all the deli meats and cheeses in your fridge right now.

According to, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a listeria outbreak in six different states, including New Jersey.

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Other states that are involved in the listeria investigation include Maryland, California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and even parts of Eastern Europe.


So far, 16 people have been infected, 13 people have been been hospitalized and there has been one pregnancy loss.

Which deli meats and cheese are connected to the listeria investigation?

That is where the problem lies. According to, the CDC is still in the process of narrowing down which specific deli meats and cheeses are causing the illness.

We will make an update once we get more information.

For now, health professionals are strongly urging people -- especially those who are pregnant or immunocompromised -- to avoid these two food groups for the time being.

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In addition, clean any areas where deli meats may have been including your refrigerator or counter top.

If you believe you are showing symptoms of listeria, call your doctor immediately.

According, common listeria symptoms include fatigue, muscle aches, fever and confusion.

I love my charcuterie boards as much as the next girl. But I think for now, we will stick to the butter board.

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