Who's ready for a juicy camel burger and fries? Yep, I said camel as is one hump or two.  Not your thing? Don't worry, there's also yak, alligator or goat burgers to choose from...believe it or not, this is lunch at the Jersey Shore and people are clamoring for it!

Of course Tony Beef in Galloway Township and now Somers Point serves up your traditional burgers too but they like to mix it up to keep us talking!  These two locations like to offer a rotating "protein of the month" because apparently at the Jersey Shore there is almost nothing we won't try.

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When Anthony and Nick DellaVecchia opened Tony Beef in Galloway Township three years ago, it was a comfort food hit!  Now this family business has a new location in the Ocean Heights Plaza in Somers Point and they are keeping us fed and happy. I love how the DellaVecchia brothers wanted to be business owners together since they were little kids and now it's a reality in a big way.  Much like Jersey Mikes being started by big-thinking 17 year old Peter Cancro, I smell a franchise!  These guys not only survived a global pandemic, but they also opened a new location...that's guts.

They guys say that there was a spike in orders during the pandemic because people needed a food hug, but that did not mean big profits.  At one point beef prices quadrupled but they never raised their prices, they just kept serving and powering through and the customers appreciated it by coming back for more.

The new location at Somers Point is awesome but it has a more limited menu (for now) but they are adding more every month as they grow. You can choose from beef ($6.59 single, $8.24 double), chicken ($6.59, $8.24), sweet potato black bean ($7.69, $10.99), the Impossible Burger ($11.99, $14.99) and alligator ($12.99, $16.49). They will eventually add Galloway menu items such as a filet mignon, bison and wagyu burger. All the burgers are 5 oz so they are no joke!
Yes, they have offered yak, camel, alligator and goat just to keep us interested and the guys run one special protein a month...would you try it?  I'm sticking to a traditional burger with one of their many unique toppings but it's cool that there is something for everyone!
Why not top your burger with a roasted garlic aioli, bacon mayo and bacon jam; YUM!  Sign me up for ghost pepper cheese on top!  They customize your burger so you are your own food artist. Heck, add a fried egg...all the cool kids are doing it.

Thank you to The Press of Atlantic City for the original story.

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