Are you ready to get creeped out?

It's no secret that here at 94.3 The Point we try and post relatable content about things that are going on up and down the Jersey Shore... but sometimes things happen outside of the borders of Monmouth and Ocean Counties that are just so damn interesting.

...and this happened way outside of the borders. 

Snapchat has a rather new feature where you can click on parts of the world and see public Snapchat stories in that are which are usually geotagged in the upper right hand corner.

This morning, I was not doing what I was supposed to (like usual) and I was messing around on the app and started clicking around the North Korea section of the map. I didn't expect anything to pop up because North Korean leader Kim Jung-Un is a brutal dictator and does not allow anything westernized to be integrated into the culture.


Two Snapchat stories, that are rather eerie, popped up on the app.

One was from Pyongyang, North Korea and another was from Sinhung, North Korea. These are the only two Snapchats in the entire country. Creeeeeeppppyyyy....

See them below:



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