We have just about every food chain known to man in the area. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I caught word of a new joint opening at the Jersey Shore and I honestly had to Google the name because I had never heard of it. After my research, it seems this place is pretty popular.

Have you ever heard of Chester's Fried Chicken? Chester's started as a stand-alone restaurant in 1965 in Birmingham, AL. Fast forward to 2021, Chester's now operates over 1,000 locations. One of them will be in Ocean Township.

Andrew Budai via Facebook
Andrew Budai via Facebook

This picture taken by Andrew Budai and posted on Facebook shows the construction of the Chester's along with a Krauszer's Food Store and Manhattan Bagel.

The location is on Deal Road across from Foodtown. This cluster of business takes the place of a gas station that used to be on the site.

The closest Chester's is in New Brunswick. What makes them so special? Well, you can't order livers and gizzards at KFC. I'm a "don't knock it 'til you try it" guy, but gizzards?

If the innards aren't your thing, Chester's Fried Chicken gets pretty high reviews. They have tenders, bites, and bone-in options. What people continually rave about is their dipping sauces of all things.

You may ask how good can honey mustard dipping sauce really be? Chester's takes it to another level. For me, it's the horseradish that gives it an extra kick. There's also "Chester's sauce." Think of it as this chain's secret sauce. However, it's no secret that these dipping sauces are in high demand.

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The sides and desserts are a little different than we're used to...in a good way. You can order friend corn and green beans with bacon.

For dessert, it's all about the pies. Apple is a no-brainer but definitely try the strawberry cream cheese.

There you go, you're all caught up on Chester's. I think you'll enjoy it. It's always nice to get something different in the area.

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