Writer and creator of the Clerk's series, Kevin Smith, is returning to his stomping grounds this Fall.

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Once again, Mr. Smith will be hosting a Mooby's Fast Food Restaurant Pop Up at Gianni's Pizzeria located at 15 Wikoff Place in Red Bank just like he did last September.

Don't remember? I, Nicole Murray, was actually invited to attend and even got to interview Kevin myself.  Yes, work is being done as we speak for us to attend AGAIN to get you the inside scoop.

Tickets for this event go on sale next week and good news, Kevin's visit will be even longer this time: from September 8th to September 18th. Just less than a month away!

As far as cost, there is not a lot of information available just yet because the announcement was JUST made.

But, I'll keep you posted on this once more information on this becomes available.

But if it is anything like the 2020 pop up, visitors will pay $28 for a "Mooby's Meal" which came with a sandwich, a side and a drink!

Some of the menu items included Mooby's Cow Tippers (the burger), Hater Totz and Onion Rings.

Here is what things looked like in 2020:

Nicole Visits Mooby's Pop-Up With Kevin Smith In Red Bank

The timing is not surprising. Kevin Smith is currently in the middle of filming "Clerks III" in Red Bank and he has already promised fans that Mooby's will be playing a role in the new film.

Side note: Did you know that Gianni's currently offers a custom-made Mooby's Pizza? You can give it a try by ordering from Gianni's app.

We;ve got less than a month until this appearance takes place so if any other information comes through you know I'll let you know.

Take a look at the original article at NJ.com.

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