We are doing our morning show from Jenkinson's tomorrow, and the Aquarium is bringing the penguins outside!

The only thing cuter than seeing the penguins inside Jenkinson's Aquarium is seeing them up close and personal RIGHT ON THE BOARDWALK!

Lou and I set up our live show on the boardwalk right near the aquarium, and tomorrow (Wednesday, July 8th) the penguins will be out there with us at about 8:15 am....don't know how long they'll stay, but hopefully 'til about 8:45 am.

We will start our show from the boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach at 5:30 am, and be there 'til 10 am, so come on out and say good morning, watch our nail polishing competition (will Lou really do his own nails better than I will?) and enter to win a great prize!

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