Support local business and give this great little place a chance.

For years I have watched businesses continue to die on Main Street in Toms River. It is a shame. Such a cute little Main Street, yet it has to contend with online shopping, the mall, and then all of the other big chain restaurants and stores on Rt. 37 and throughout Toms River.

Just recently another breakfast shop that was really very good on Main Street in Toms River closed down, as have other restaurants and shops that tried hard to make it.

So I was happy to walk into Cafe Enigma, 216 Main Street in downtown Toms River, and see it thriving. Cool and cozy rooms to sit in, gourmet coffees from around the world, food and desserts, and they even have Open Mic Nights.

(Fabulous mural on the side of the building that houses Cafe Enigma, photo by Liz Jeressi)

Can we, just once in a while, meet our friends for coffee/tea or to talk business at a place that's NOT a chain, and just help support local businesses once in a while?

Hopefully Cafe Enigma is doing an astounding business without my help, but I'd really like to make sure that this business and others like it can thrive. And we all do love our small yet super hip coffee shops, don't we?

Check out Cafe Enigma: Something great is brewing here.