How would you like to see that iconic pony decorated? Now's your chance to express your creativity, and perhaps win this really cool contest!

(Photo from Robin Thompson)
(Photo from Robin Thompson)

Just think: Your Stony Pony t-shirt design could be worn all over the world!

Caroline and the gang at the Stone Pony have this message for you:
"We're wishing the best to all our fans around the globe right now. We've got an idea to offer a little hope at these uncertain times. If you're finding yourself with some free time these days, we have some news for you -- The Stone Pony wants YOU to create our next iconic T-Shirt design. Now's your chance to represent the spirit of our beloved music venue and your passion for live music, and it's all to help a great cause. We're accepting entries for the next month, and will be asking our fans to vote for a final design and one big winner."
If you enter this contest, you could win the grand prize, which would mean that YOUR design could be chosen as merch, and you'll get $500! (I'd do it just for the bragging rights, if I had any artistic talent, lol!)
And, best of all, anyone who then buys your design will know their money is going to the NJ Pandemic Relief Fund!
CLICK HERE for more info on how to enter and good luck -- you have until May 8th to enter! Voting begins May 12th with the grand prize winner being announced May 18th.
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