Craft beer aficionados may find a new spot for tasting local suds with plans for a brewery to open in Red Bank.

RedBankGreen reports that Ross Brewing Co. has plans to open a brewery at 101 Oakland St., right next to the Red Bank train station, and about a 5-10 minute walk from the bustling downtown area.

ross brewing red bank
The brewery would be housed in the building currently occupied by Yellow Cab Co., next to the (now closed) Racioppi's. (Google Maps)

The plan hasn't been approved by borough officials yet, and would require use and parking variances. (Reason #476 why Red Bank need to work on the parking situation!)

Lucky for the soon-to-be-opened Triumph Brewery just down the street, and existing Birravino (formerly Basil T's), this brewery would not serve as another local brewpub, as it would focus on actually brewing and producing the beer for sale to other bars, restaurants, etc. They would, however, have a tasting room where customers could sample fresh brews.

I'm glad to see that part of town get some fun new additions!

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