There are sandwiches, and then there are sandwiches.  In Jersey, we have plenty of places that offer large portions but when we're crowning the best, we need to be clear, we're not just talking about the sheer size of the food.  We're talking about the uniqueness, quality, and craftsmanship of the overall sandwich.  Yes, size does matter but it’s only half the battle.  

A foodie website called recently made a mega-list of America’s breakfast sandwiches and the one that they picked to represent Jersey was not PorkRoll/Taylor Ham Egg & Cheese, it was a schnitzel, and guess what, they ain’t wrong.

I’ve never schnitzeled before. I’ve B.L.T.ed, I’ve breakfast burritoed, I’ve bageled, but never schnitzeled until recently.  I had to do my research.  There is a reason why they have crowned this as the best breakfast sandwich in New Jersey for TWO YEARS RUNNING!


The Mordi’s breakfast schnitzel has it all,  aged sharp cheddar, well done snappy bacon, a fried egg (they flip it to get the goo off), tomatoes, ketchup, and very special garlic aioli (which is fancy talk for mayo) and to pack on more protein they add a crispy piece of fried chicken which is not too thick because that would throw off the balance if you ask me.

Now to add the savory, we need to add the slightly sweet and that is where the bun comes in.  I’ve never heard of a challah bun before but I am certainly glad we met.   So now I can say that I truly lived up to my new verb…I’ve officially schnitzeled and you should too.  It will set you back $11 and the gas money to drive to Jersey City but it is worth every single bite.  It's Mordi's or bust. 

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