If you had to name New Jersey's most iconic sandwich, which one would be the one you you choose?

We thought this conversation might give you some ideas for lunch during these times of quarantine, so we hope it helps.

Men's Health decided to name the most iconic sandwich in each state, and their top sandwich in the Garden State is, in my opinion is a great choice, and although my first choice, the chicken parm sub didn't get the honor. It turns out the Italian sub did.

That means, "the Italian, at your local sub shop (#13 at your local Jersey Mike's for example), represents New Jersey's best and most iconic sandwich around.

What are some of the others that come to your mind? There's pork roll. egg and cheese, there's turkey and cheese, and I know it's credited to a different geographic area, there are some pretty awesome cheese steaks at the Jersey Shore.

And we can't have this conversation without throwing in the sausage and pepper sandwich, a boardwalk and local specialty, and one of the most beloved sandwiches at the Shore.

The fact of the matter is, there are a lot of right answers, and no wrongs ones, when it comes to this topic. Let us know your choice, and check out Men's Health for the most iconic sandwich in each state. There are a lot of lunch ideas there.

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