I hate sharing the news that a store or restaurant has to close their doors...but that is not what this post is about!!

First, let me shout out the amazingly talented yet super old afternoon host for 105.7 The Hawk, Andy Chase, for the hookup on this story!

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You know Daddio's Grille in downtown Toms River?

Well they just announced some exciting news: they are opening a second location at Ocean County Mall in the food court.

Daddios is introducing to the ocean county mall location opening soon our line of 7 “over the top milkshakes” we...

Posted by Daddio's Grille on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The only bad part about this news is that we don't know exactly when Daddio's Grille is going to be opening this second location. All it says in their Facebook announcement is "soon."

Could they BE more vague?

But the good news is that once the new location does open, you will have access to their extremely diverse menu.

They serve breakfast, burgers, comfort food, salads and milkshakes that are TO DIE FOR. (According to Andy Chase, cookies and cream is the best)

If you don't want to wait for their Ocean County location to open, then give Daddios' located at 10 Washington Street in Toms River a try!

They even close off Washington Street on Fridays and Saturdays for outdoor dining!

For more information, keep an eye on Daddio's Grille's Facebook Page for updates and other announcements.

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