First posted on the Barnegat Bay Island, NJ Facebook page, take a look at this incredible jellyfish spotted in Point Pleasant Beach!

Barnegat Bay Island NJ Facebook

The author of the post on Facebook said he saw this jellyfish swimming around next to Gull Island, Point Pleasant Beach. It is 6-8 inches long, translucent grey blue with orange tentacles. It swam around that immediate area and kept going back to the same spot. It also surfaced.

According to experts, this is a box jellyfish. Bud Gillan, a NJ native and jellyfish expert stated on the Facebook page that this box jelly as a very dangerous creature that can strike a victim with much more than the typical Jersey jellyfish sting. Gillian went on to say "this is a very rare find and what it's doing in NJ is a huge mystery."
Gillian stressed the importance of avoiding contact with these jellys as they have caused death in humans. The venom is in the tentacles and on the body in those spots that can be seen all over.