It's being called "a serious global health threat" by federal health authorities, and it's spreading in New Jersey.

According to APP, the New York City area and New Jersey have reported more than 400 cases of a fungus called Candida auris, or C. aurisover over the last few years.

The alarm comes from the fact that this fungus is resistant to some or all anti-fungal medicines. It's reported that Candida auris is found in hospitals and long-term care facilities. If patients have a compromised immune system, this fungus can cause an extreme medical condition and even death.

The Federal Centers for Disease Control said more than one in three patients with a serious infection of the fungus has died.

So what can be done to control this?

Tina Tan, the State epidemiologist for New Jersey said to APP: "They have to be aggressive in trying to implement good infection control to stem the spread."

Overuse of antibiotics is also a big problem, leading to drug resistance. Experts say physicians need to use "the right drug for the right bug," according to one professional.

[source: APP]

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