So many Jersey Shore residents are still dealing with the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. In addition to the physical damage to homes and property, there is a great deal of emotional damage as well.

Two years later, there is a wide range of emotions, from anger and frustration to confusion, fear and loss, and for too many, there is a huge emotional toll.

Dr. Russell Ferstandig has been bringing us a series of video interviews and in the latest installment, we meet a man who was on the front lines when Sandy struck two years ago. From the moment the storm arrived until now, James (Sam) Samarelli has dealt with an amazing range of emotions, including finding out his home was destroyed literally while he was putting his own well being on the line to help others.

He spoke to me and Dr. Russ from the heart about his journey of turning those Sandy emotions into a tool that made him a better person.

Check out Dr. Russ' conversation with Sam: