We are getting closer each day to deer mating season here at the Jersey Shore, and that means one more thing we need to be cautious of on our already challenging roadways.

We haven’t reached peak season for deer mating here in our area just yet, but it is literally around the corner, according to the New Jersey Department of Fish and Wildlife. The peak season runs from late October through December for the entire State.

We’re already seeing signs on the Garden State Parkway and other roads warning us of the danger.

The situation becomes even more difficult when we “fall back” on November 1st and our commute home turns into a night time traveling adventure. There are things you can do to keep yourself safer during this dangerous time of year to drive.

Here are some suggestions from experts...

You can use your bright light when there is no oncoming traffic. They will reflect the deer’s eyes and you’ll be able to see them better.

Stop tailgating. You shouldn’t be doing it anyway, but it is especially dangerous this time of year. That car in front of you may need to come to a sudden stop to avoid a deer and you won’t have the proper time to react.

If you do see a deer, avoid the urge to swerve. The accidents involving multiple vehicles can me more damaging than the deer itself.

For more info on deer in the Garden State, please visit the New Jersey Fish & Wildlife website.

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