It’s summer and the heat is coming and we are all looking for that favorite summertime drink to enjoy and keep cool. There are many different recipes for fantastic summer drinks, but I am partial to one and I think it’s BEST!

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The drink I love during the summer is the good ole fashioned “Arnold Palmer”. Yup I didn’t invent it but I adopted it as my favorite summertime drink. If you are not familiar an “Arnold Palmer” is a combo of iced tea and lemonade. I do 2 parts “sweet tea” to 1 part “lemonade” and that’s it….simple, refreshing and delicious

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Here is what YOU at home are saying and your favorite summertime drinks:

Tracee: Malted Vanilla Shake

Cindy: I’m boring, water 💦

Aileen: Margarita

Julie: Chocolate covered cherry expresso martini. Yea mon!

Samantha: Tito’s and tonic

Dorothy: Diet Pepsi on ice

Nancy: Frozen Lemonade

Janette: Mojito⛱️⛱️⛱️😎😎😎

Amy: Root beer whiskey and root beer soda

Nikki: Dunking strawberry coolatta … Medium. 2 shots of kettle

Kevin: Club soda with lime.

Ken: Seltzer, cranberry juice and a wedge of lime.

Leo: Dark and stormy aka Rum & Ginger Beer


So whatever you enjoy this summer, enjoy and stay cool because the really hot weather is around the corner…..but hey that’s “summer” lol cheers 😅


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