If you are not familiar with this tasty treat then today is your lucky day! Today I will introduce you to the classic potato sandwich


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You may be familiar but then again this may be new to you. It’s a dish my Mom made, still does, and I never met a potato I didn’t like, so this is a perfect dish in my opinion. It’s as simple as it sounds, potatoes and bread! So simple but so delicious.

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Looking at the history of the potato sandwich it appears possibly the origin is in the U.K. I. Liverpool. The sandwich in Liverpool is called a “chip butty”. Basically potato slices on bread. Some recipes call for mayonnaise, but I do not add condiments, just plain rye bread and potato. When I fry the potatoes I use pepper, salt, little bit of chopped garlic and little bit of chopped onion. Fry on each side til golden brown. I prefer nice rye bread to white bread or rolls.



Let me know what you think, or if you have made these…..what’s your recipe? I love these and I think you will love it too :) If you do have recipes or tips be sure to post below 👇🏻 in the comments section :)


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