Sometimes parents have to do difficult and even embarrassing things in order to take care of their kids.

When it comes to little ones and changing diapers, you do what you have to do...but did this woman cross the line?

9News reports that Ruth Burgos and her husband Alex brought their 1-year-old son into a Denver Starbucks with them last week.

Ruth realized that the boy needed a diaper change, but when she went into the restroom, she found there was no changing table.

She decided to 'do what she had to do' as a mother, and changed his diaper in the Starbucks seating area.

You know, where people are eating and drinking and such.

Alex Burgos claims a Starbucks employee threw a rag towards his wife and told her to make sure she wiped the seat when she was done. (Seems like a reasonable request...)

Burgos claims though that the employee's tone was demeaning, and that other employees then began talking and laughing amongst themselves about it.

Alex Burgos then decided to throw is coffee on the ground...and told the employees to clean it up.

Words were exchanged, and the employees called police, but no one was arrested. A Starbucks spokesperson apologized to the family for the incident.

Now...forgive me, as again, I'm not a parent, and in 10 years, I may feel quite differently, but does anyone else think these two are totally in the wrong?

Nothing makes you want to bite into a nice chocolate brownie like the smell of poo wafting up from the table next to you! (Starbucks)

First of all, you're changing a diaper in an open public place where people are eating and drinking. Then when the employees -- who are rightly annoyed because you being unsanitary and they will have to make sure you didn't leave any sort of mess (ew) behind -- ask you to make sure you wipe the seat after you are done, you throw your coffee on the ground and tell them to clean it up?

It just seems like there had to have been a better option. Like...the backseat of the car...or...ANYWHERE ELSE BESIDES WHERE PEOPLE ARE EATING.

Obviously this escalated way beyond the norm, but I have to side with the Starbucks employees on this one. I've been a Starbucks barista, and the things I've seen people do are mindblowing. (Note: it's not okay to let your small child to run around and annoy other customers and crush up his cookies and throw them on the floor while you sit on your cell phone. But I digress.)

I know when a kid's diaper needs to be changed, you can't exactly procrastinate, but there had to be a better option than what they chose.

Is this 'do what you have to do' or 'doing what you want'? Tell us your thoughts on this story in the comment section below!