There is one word that many people New Jersey residents and those not from New Jersey as well always associate with our state, and that word is taxes.

New Jersey will always be connected with taxes, but there are some things you might not know about New Jersey taxes. We certainly can't get into every detail of the New Jersey tax laws today.

As a matter of fact, your friendly neighborhood accountant may have a challenge keeping up with all the details and changes associated with New Jersey taxes. So, let's just focus on one of the stranger New Jersey tax law.

So, how strange is it? Well, that all depends on how strange you think it is to have a tax law about pumpkins, but we do. Of course we do. So what's the deal with our strange pumpkin tax?

The law isn't the strange part, it's just the fact there's a pumpkin tax law. So here's the deal, according to Cheapism. If a pumpkin is painted, cut, or sold as a decoration, it is considered a taxable item.

If this makes you feel any better, we are apparently not the only state to make the taxable pumpkin distinction. There are evidently several states that do it. But I bet it was New Jersey's idea.

There are strange laws in every state of course, and it's not only the pumpkin tax law here in New Jersey. We have some other strange laws as well, as we've told you about in the past.

So don't think the pumpkin law is the only strange thing in the Garden State We're pretty sure you already knew that.

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