We gave you some really good clues. Were you able to name this very well known and well visited place in the Garden State?

In case you didn't get a chance to play along, let's recap the clues we provided before we spring the answer on you. Here are the clues. See if you can get it...

"I was born in 1954"

"I have a lot of friends. I get over 200,000 visitors a day"

"My friends call me 'Al'". I got that name in 1974

"If you haven't seen me in a while, don't be surprised that I've gotten wider over the years".

"You may not always be happy to be visiting me, especially in the summer".

Those were the clues we provided. Do you think you know it? Once we give the answer, you're going to shake your head, but before knowing the answer, this could be a tough one.
If you changed the 'Al' clue to Alfred, that may have helped. We're talking here about the Alfred E Driscoll Bridge. We all know it well. You can check out some of the great history of the Driscoll Bridge at the State of New Jersey website.
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