In a state full of amazing landmarks, one publication has named the most iconic landmark in New Jersey.

As a matter of fact, The Daily Meal has chosen the most iconic landmark in each state across America. So which landmark do you think was chosen as the most iconic for the Garden State?

How about we give you a few clues to help you guess it? Here we go.

It's not in Monmouth or Ocean Counties. As a matter of fact it's about a two hour drive from Freehold.

It's located in a state park.

It has 199 steps.

It was built in 1859.

It's 157 feet high.

How'd you do with those clues. Let's add that the two hour trip from Freehold would be 119 miles south of Freehold. Got it now? We thought so. The Daily Meal has chosen the Cape May Lighthouse as the most iconic landmark in the state.

So, that's another great reason to take the trip to the end of the Parkway and enjoy all that Cape May has to offer.

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