This morning we were talking about phobias, or at least thing that are creepy to us and some of them were...umm...interesting.

As you probably know, I can't fly. As a matter of fact, I actually get uncomfortable driving past an airport. I have flown before, but I don't want to anymore...ever.

Liz says she can't stand the feeling of grass on her feet and blames it on growing up in Brooklyn. She also can't stand a strand of her own hair on her arm in the shower. She says it's like a slimy snake. Maybe it's time for a new conditioner or something.

Nancy can't stand the sight of her own blood. She says she'd be glad to help us if we were bleeding, but couldn't help herself. I hope she doesn't look to me for help, because I'll be passed out.

So what is your phobia or fear?

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