I used to think that the really bad weather almost always misses the Jersey Shore, but since Sandy I feel the opposite. I think the Jersey Shore is much more stressed about weather than ever before, and who could blame us?

The minute I hear there may be a storm of any kind, I find myself in "preparedness mode". In my head, I run through the list...batteries, water, wood for the fireplace, filling up the car with gas...not that being prepared is a bad thing. It's just that before Sandy, that was reserved for only the rarest of situations.

Now, post-Sandy, I feel like a lot of us feel like the odds are against us with every storm. Every turn of a storm used to seem to steer away from us, now I think a lot of us feel like we're every storm's target.

I'm guessing it's a pretty predictable reaction. After all, we all watched the radar as Sandy made that hideous left turn directly at us if we were the target all along. Like Sandy had her mind made up to land here no matter what.

So, am I alone? Or are you more nervous about weather than ever before?

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