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It seemed like a blink of the eye, although it was almost a year of construction but we have the completed Forked River Rest Area at mile marker 74 on the Garden State Parkway. The “food & fuel” has been open now for several months and is a welcomed stop between Monmouth and Atlantic City.

Let me continue by saying this is not a “complaint” article it’s a “suggestion” article. In this case I’m referring to the new rest area located on the Garden State Parkway at mile marker 74. It’s new it’s clean and it’s a great addition for commuters in Ocean County on the Parkway. But with that said I just want to add a recommendation.

I do not think my recommendation will come as any surprise as I am the self proclaimed coffee guru at 92.7 WOBM lol we need  coffee shop at the rest area. Yes there is coffee to go at the A Plus but I’m thinking a stand alone coffee shop. Starbuck’s, Dunkin, Rook, Gloria Jean’s, Peet’s etc. You get my point. Before reconstruction at this location we had Starbuck’s and now no coffee shop. Maybe I should try A Plus ? are they known for coffee? anyone have any thoughts on their coffee?

While I am at it I think they could you at least one other food choice, Burger King is only one and maybe just one more brand to give you added choice. Maybe a Nathan’s, Chik-Fil-A etc.

CONCLUSION: Do YOU want a coffee shop at the Forked River rest area? Any other additions you would add? By the way it’s nice to see a charging station at the new rest area, one day we will need more for sure :)



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