We've all heard the stories. From Cape May to right here in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, everyone seems to have a ghost story.

So, do you really believe in ghosts? Every skeptic will explain the sounds and the visions as other, more worldly things. But if you believe, you believe. No skeptic will change your mind on that. If you don't, then any ghost story won't turn you around.

I will say this, though. There seem to me to be way too many unexplainable stories out there to just dismiss the thought of ghosts completely, As a matter of fact, I'd have to classify myself as a believer. At least for the most part.

Thee are some areas nearby places that have been reported to be haunted. Hubpages.com says they include Old Tennent Church in Manalapan and  Rose Hill Cemetery in Matawan.

Ghostsofamerica.com report ghost sightings in Asbury Park, Belmar and Beachwood.  Paranormal Researchers of New Jersey report unusual activity in Point Pleasant Beach, Lakehurst, Bay Head, Lavallette, and Marlboro.

So get the night lights ready. No one seems safe.

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