Well this is some rough news to take in as an avid Dunkin' drinker myself.

The coffee chain just announced that by the end of 2020, they may be closing 800 locations throughout the entire USA.

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For those of you who are bad at math, that is 8% of all their locations. WOW!

There does seem to be a bit of a theme, though.

A majority of the Dunkin' stores that may be closing are inside Speedway convenience stores.

So I don't know if the two businesses are no longer partners or revenue is low only at these locations but either way, you are taking 8% of our Dunkin's away....so I hope IT'S WORTH IT!

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Plus, Dunkin' also revealed that they may also be closing 350 stores that are outside of the USA.

But here is the confusing part...

As low as their revenue may be, they are still established enough to release new products.

(Soooo not what I was expecting, but I'll take it)

The flavors are even inspired by some of their most popular drinks: Mocha Latte and Caramel Macchiato.

But that is not even the best part: this cereal is caffeinated!!! 

So I don't know if Dunkin' is trying to make up for lost revenue in other ways or if they are shifting their focus....but let's just hope that they don't announce ANY more closures this year.

Please. I am begging you Dunkin'.

Take a look at the original article announcing Dunkin's upcoming closures HERE.

Take a closer look at Dunkin's new cereal line on our sister station's website, Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG. 

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