If you've never played Candy Crush Saga, the insanely addictive smartphone/tablet/Facebook game, you're in the minority (at least according to my very scientific Facebook newsfeed.)

If you're hooked on the candy like the rest of us, you can finally get a taste of it in real life!

Dylan's Candy Bar, the fancy-pants candy chain *boutique* owned by designer Ralph Lauren's daughter Dylan, has created a line of Candy Crush candies, just in time for the holidays.

Candy crush candy
Dylan's Candy Bar

You can get a 3 oz. box of jelly fish, mixed fruit gummies, sour fruit gummies, or the crucial color bombs...each retailing for $4 (Are those movie theater prices??) or get 4/$15.

Let's be serious, if you buy these, you pretty much have to get the color bombs.

Candy Crush color bomb candy
Dylan's Candy Bar

They are basically Sno-Caps with prettier colors, but when it comes to the game, we all know Color Bombs are the best ones, so obviously that translates to real life.

Is this completely unnecessary? Probably. But would it be a fabulous stocking stuffer for the Candy Crush addict in your life? Absolutely!

You can schlep into the city to pick them up (60th and 3rd, across from Bloomingdale's) or save yourself a lot of time and stress and just buy them online.

Happy gaming holidays!

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