Whether you love the Yankees as I do, or root for any team playing against them, we can all agree that star closer Mariano Rivera is an incredible player who will be missed in baseball.

It was an emotional night in the Bronx last night as Mo left the diamond for the last time.

Normally the manager takes the pitcher out of the game, but this time, Joe Girardi stayed back, and instead (my fave) pitcher Andy Pettitte, who is also retiring this year, and captain Derek Jeter walked to the mound to take the ball.

There were hugs, tears, and a well-deserved standing ovation from the packed crowd.

Pretty sure it's impossible not to tear up while watching that!

As a Yankee fan, this season was tough for many reasons, but knowing it was Mo's last was among them.

It was always awesome to watch him play, and I, like so many, am definitely sad to see him go.

After 18 years in pinstripes: Exit Sandman.

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