Can you believe it?  We have made it to Episode 16 of 94 Seconds With Nicole - new and improved!

This week, we are discussing a topic that EVERYONE probably could benefit from: Beach Etiquette ⛱️

Helping me out with this week's episode is the one and only Gino D who will be broadcasting live from the New Jersey Natural Gas Asbury Park Boardwalk every Saturday & Sunday from 10 AM to 3 PM all Summer long!

Also sending a shout out to Scott, a 94.3 The Point employee, who was a huge help with this week's episode.

We know you have a few topics on your mind that has not been discussed just yet so make sure to comment or message us on the Facebook Video, the 94.3 The Point Facebook Page, or on Instagram or Twitter with whatever idea pops into your head.

We will see you next week on Tuesday at 1 PM!

P.S. Did you miss last week's episode of '94 Seconds With Nicole?' Check it out below!

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