Well, beach season has finally arrived at the Jersey Shore, and we all have our beach pet peeves. But no one is more qualified to tell us the most annoying things beach goers do than the men and women who see it all, our lifeguards.

So when Oyster.com published an article about what lifeguards say you shouldn't do it  caught our attention. so let's take some of the the sound information they have passed along and give ourselves the test.

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Are we good little Jersey Shore beach goers? Take the test and then we'll go over your grade, according to us.

PDA Much? Lifeguards remind us that they can see much more from up on their perch than you think, so if it's more than just a hug or kiss, mark yourself down for one in the "bad" column.

Are You A Flag And Sign Follower? If you think the signs and flags are merely a suggestion to you on your big day at the beach, you get a big "X" for this question.

Holes In The Sand. If you have kids with you, you're spending part of the day digging, right? No worries, as long as you fill that hole back in so no one breaks an ankle. another "X" for you if you don't.

Not Watching The Kids. You might find it hard to believe, but it does happen more than you think. Yes, the lifeguards are watching for the kids' safety, but they are not babysitters. Let's hope most people get a big green check on this one.

You're Not The Beach's DJ. Just because you love early 80's disco, doesn't mean I do or anybody else does. Keep it at a reasonable volume, and stop thinking your day is more important than everyone else's.

That's what the lifeguards tell us is most annoying. now we took it upon ourselves to grade this work. Be honest with your answers, and here's what we think your grades mean...

5 0f 5 (100%) You have made us proud. A true Jersey shore beach lover and someone we'd love to share the beach with one day.

4 Of 5 (80%) You still pass and are a proud member of the Love Jersey Shore  Beaches Club. If I'm next to you at the beach, I hope the PDA question isn't the one you got wrong.

3 Of 5 (60%).You missed it by that much. we'd still love you to come to the beach, just study a little more.

2 Of 5 (40%) Straight up fail on this one. You can't get three of those wrong and expect to do well on our beaches. And the people around you are in for a rough day. Just not fair.

1 or 0 Of 5 (20% or 0%). JUST STAY HOME.

Welcome to Summer 2021, Let's hope we encounter a lot of 4 and 5 right kind of people on our Jersey Shore beaches this summer!

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