We have made it to Thanksgiving Week!

Episode 39 of '94 Seconds With Nicole' is discussing a topic that comes up every year: Should stores be open on Thanksgiving? 
We decided to speak to a few store managers and staff at the Ocean County Mall and other Jersey Shore residents and shoppers. ️ ️
Thank you to:
1. Jen, Store Manager of Pandora at Ocean County Mall
2. Erin Barbato, Director of Marketing & Business Development of Ocean County Mall
3. Nick, Store Manager for LIDS at Ocean County Mall
4. Andy Chase, Afternoon Host for 105.7 The Hawk
5. Andria D'arco Iridoy, Townsquare Media Employee
6. Sheri Paternoster Sica , Townsquare Media Employee
I must say, some very good points are brought up for BOTH sides. So which side do you fall on for this debate?
PLUS, thank you to Joccy M and Kristin Marie Church for your help with this episode! XO

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We will see you next week on Tuesday!

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