Episode 60 of "94 Seconds With Nicole" arrives in the middle of Stage 2 of New Jersey's reopening!

And one of the biggest privileges of Stage 2 is: Outdoor Dining!

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So far, Outdoor Dining in New Jersey seems to be a huge success but we are also aware that A LOT of people are not quite ready to re-enter society after the pandemic.
Totally understandable! But we thought it might help people to transition to get an up-close and personal look at some of the safety precautions being put into place and an overall idea of what to expect.
Nicole S. Murray spoke with Bob Cooper, president of Chef's International to discuss how they have prepared their 13 restaurants and staff for this new normal.
Chef International's 13 restaurants include:

9th Avenue Pier (South Belmar) - 732.749.3800
Marina Grille (South Belmar) - 732.894.3211
Anchor Tavern (Belmar) - 732.280.2266
Wharfside (Point Pleasant Beach) - 732.892.9100
Patio Bar (Point Pleasant Beach) - 732.892.9100
Lobster Shanty (Point Pleasant Beach) - 732.899.6700
Sunset Ballroom (Point Pleasant Beach) - 732.899.6700
Water Street (Toms River) - 732.240.4800
Moore's Tavern (West Freehold) - 732.863.0555
The Cabin (Freehold) - 732.462.3090
Baker's American (Monroe) - 609.443.6600
Rod's Tavern (Sea Girt) - BRAND NEW! Website not set up yet.
Escondido (West Freehold) - 732.577.0200

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