This week 24kGoldn and his song "Mood" hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100! I had the pleasure to chat with the 19 year old star. ENJOY!

THANKS FOR WATCHING! I really enjoyed this interview, even off the Zoom call, 24kGoldn and I were having a blast! I am excited to see whats in store for 24kGoldn's future. I think the sky is the limit. He has a new album on the way and already a Billboard Hot 100 #1! In addition, His sound is very unique and he even takes pride that his music sounds like nothing else out there. One of my favorite quotes from the interview was when he was talking about his music, "It's sonically sounds like nothing else out there. It's a combination of rap and pop and rock and alternative and saying forget about genres, let's make music that is authentic to me." In the interview, it is really easy to identify how authentic and passionate 24kGoldn truly is about his music.

The 94.3 The Point team and I enjoy spinning "Mood" daily! The music video for "Mood" has over 50 million views on YouTube and you can check out all his videos by clicking this link. Of course, because of the pandemic, 24kGoldn has no shows scheduled besides a festival in Austria in 2021. Once we have a better understanding about COVID-19, expect to see a ton of tour dates scheduled in the United States. Soooo... What did you think about the interview? Are you a fan of his music? Do you plan on listening to his new music when it comes out? Let us know on our 94.3 The Point App! THANKS FOR HANGING OUT! - Jimmy G

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