It's no secret that I'm a total foodie, so when I heard celebrity chef Bobby Flay was heading to some of his local Bobby's Burger Palace restaurants, I HAD to go and chat with him!

I stopped by the BBP at Freehold Raceway Mall last Thursday for the interview. Upon meeting him, I spent a good five minutes completely fangirling out before asking him a single question...and he was totally awesome about it.

I stopped fawning over him long enough to ask him some legit why the BBP milkshakes are so good, when he's opening more restaurants around here, and how we can get a Jersey Burger as the featured burger of the month! Check it out!

I have to tell you, you never really know how a celebrity is going to be, but Bobby was awesome. He was so friendly, and both before and after talking to me, he went over to chat with every single person in the restaurant, taking pictures with anyone who asked, and making sure everyone was happy.

He even took some time to record an awesomely funny private video message for Duzzy, complete with a cooking tip...and general life advice. (It's amazing, and had Duzzy cracking up.)

On a pure foodie note, if you're craving a good burger, BBP never disappoints...and you can't miss the onion rings and milkshakes. So gooooood!

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