What? There are a lot of things guys don't like being called. Most of them can not be listed here. One thing I'm pretty sure isn't on that list is being called "cute".

Maybe I'm missing something here, but I have yet to meet the guy who would be upset if he heard some girl thought he was cute. Msn.com reports that men don't want to be lumped in with puppies and babies.

Some guys in the article say "cute" doesn't encompass their ruggedness or something to that effect, but I disagree. And most men I know I think would take it as a compliment. having said that, if you want to throw in handsome, rugged, brawny, sexy or amazing, feel free.  We'll take that too.

I think most guys know there are an abundance of words you can choose to describe us, and I think most know we can do a lot worse than "cute". A lot worse.


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