Want to know what kind of guy he really is? Simple, just see what kind of dog he has. At least that's the theory in a report at msn.com.

Let's be honest guys, before we complain about girls finding another random way to judge us, let's remember...we don't give them much to go on sometimes. So it makes sense that they're going to try to find something to give them some insight into who we really are. This time around it's our dogs.

Here's a quick look at what the article said about some dogs and their male owners. If he has a beagle, he probably loves to hang out with loved ones. If a chihuahua is his dog of choice, he's confident in his manhood.

If the guy owns a labrador retriever he's most likely a little predictable. Pug guys are secure and solid, but mushy on the inside, and if he owns a mutt, he will appreciate you for who you are.

There you have it girls, the sneak peak into a man's mind that you've always dreamed of. The answer key to the happiness test. The solution to all your romance problems. Ok, maybe not all that, but a little info is better than none at all.

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