Eyelash extensions are the latest trend in the beauty industry. They are something I am considering because, well my eyelashes look non existent without mascara or false lashes. The reason I have not indulged in them is the upkeep. Similar to getting my nails done, I find myself getting my nails done faithfully for a few months and then I stop. I would say I am left with ratchet nails but I am a licensed cosmetologist so I have all the nail products to do my own at home.

Eyelash extensions are one of those things you have to maintain. You also have to keep them clean. I have been seeing all over the news that people are getting eyelash lice from the extensions. No, it isn’t from the extensions themselves, it is from lack of cleansing and maintenance that causes those little critters to stick around. With ANY type of extensions, whether eyelashes or hair, YOU MUST keep them clean!!

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