So we all know that the humidity at the Jersey Shore is brutal when it comes to having a good or bad hair day. We can spend so much time trying to get our hair just right, to walk out of the house and look like we stuck our finger in a light socket. I know, it happens too often. There are ways to avoid what I call "SUPER FRIZZ" that the average woman may not know. As a licensed cosmetologist, I have some knowledge in frizz and I am hoping that maybe this blog can save you some frustration.

First and foremost using a good shampoo and conditioner is a start. Now I completely understand that professional hair products can be very pricey, but you have to pick and choose your battles. If you want great hair, you will need to use some products, and depending on your hair type, that could cost you a few extra bucks. Well worth it though! If the price of the products is too much, ask your salon if and when those products will go on sale. I tell people that they should keep an eye out around the holidays. Salons like to sell full-size gift sets, so that is always an option to save on cost.

Now keep in mind, everyone does not have the same type of hair, so what works for me, may not work for you. Here are some general helpful hints. Things you will need to arm yourself with to battle the "Super Frizz" are: 

1. A good shampoo and conditioner. Ask your stylist what would be great for you.

2. A round brush. (take small sections of hair so you don't get the brush stuck - constantly turning your brush.)

3. A good blow dryer. Ask your stylist to recommend one.

4. Thermal heat protectant. I like Sexy Hair 450 Blow out. It actually works! I have tested it by spraying my hand and using hot blow dryer air to test it. 

5. Anti Frizz Spray or Serum. There are quite a few out there. I use the Sexy Hair brand. They are lightweight so they don't make my hair look or feel greasy.

6. A comb and a spritz of hairspray. 

7. Finishing spray (optional)

So basically, after you wash your hair, spray your hair with thermal protectant and comb through. Then section out some small pieces and use the round brush, using a constant turning of the brush motion. After applying the hot air, use cool air to seal your hair cuticle. That is important in battling the frizz! When your hair is dried completely I like to use cool air and brush my hair in a downward motion. Immediately after that apply some anti frizz spray, being careful to not over use it. Just a light spray all over or one drop of serum and rub your hands together before applying. Now if you still have flyaways, spray your comb with a spritz of hairspray and gently run your comb over those pesky hairs. You may also choose to use a finishing spray all over. Now just know, humidity opens your hair cuticles which is what causes frizz, so if you plan on being outdoors in humidity, you may just want to put some braids in or throw it in a bun! Good Luck!

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